Nina's Story

POSITALIA is delighted to be partnering with executive chef Nina Psarros. Or, as we lovingly refer to her, Chef Nina.

Nina was literally born in her parents’ kitchen in Palermo, Sicily. Her parents, both chefs, raised her to value fresh, well-prepared cuisine. Nina maintains her Italian roots – her family in Sicily still own olive groves and produce olive oil, which inspires Nina in her kitchen while creating signature dishes, including POSITALIA’s Chicken Sicilian.

Nina’s culinary philosophy is heavy on flavor and light on ingredients. She believes in simplicity – using only the freshest ingredients of the highest quality to achieve a memorable dining experience.

Nina’s influence brings authenticity and the assurance of excellence to POSITALIA. She is committed to serving wholesome, fresh, and natural food to our customers – because she wouldn’t have it any other way. While enjoying our dishes, remember the woman behind them – a woman proudly serving food that is Positively Delicious.

We encourage you to send us any questions you have for Chef Nina, we will feature questions in our Ask Chef Nina blog!